Emphasized the aim of continuous increment of manpower capital in preference to financial capital appreciation of the target.  employee career growth is mainly composed of "classification stratification, the system perfect training system and provide dual channel promotion qualification management system support.
We will continue to human resources development as an important condition for realizing the objective of the human capital value, and never-ending is committed to a learning organization.
According to the provincial education priority development strategy, the school was selected for the guangdong province "first-class, to fill short board, strong characteristic" promotion plan characteristics of colleges and universities, according to the needs of school discipline and teaching staff construction, is now facing hiring talent 39 or post-doctoral, at home and abroad sincerely welcome excellent talents to join us. Now the matters related to notice the following:
A, recruiting object
Recruiting object for graduate students or have obtained a certificate of the outbound post-doctoral.
Second, the basic conditions
1. Has the nationality of the People's Republic of China.
2. Abide by the constitution and the law of the People's Republic of China, adhere to the four cardinal principles, uphold the party's line, principles and policies.
3. Loyalty education career, to obey the school rules and regulations, abide by the academic norms and good style of study and noble virtue.
4. Have high academic level, strong ability of teaching and scientific research ability, as well as professional or skills required to apply for jobs.
5. To adapt to the physical conditions required by the post.
6. Age conditions: Ph.D. graduate student age conditions for under the age of 35, have obtained a certificate of postdoctoral outbound postdoctoral age conditions for under the age of 40.
Three, restrict conditions
One of the following circumstances, shall not enter oneself for an examination:
1. The administrative sanctions under 5 years or other administrative sanctions are disposal period.
2. After super living by the relevant units in accordance with the relevant provisions of the population and family planning to make a decision, from the processing of less than 5 years from the date of decision.
3. Within the last two years in office, institution enroll (hiring) examination, physical examination or investigation of the existence of misconduct.
4. On suspicion of illegal violations are being audited, discipline, review or suspected of a crime, the judicial process has not yet been the end; Or criminal penalty term under the personnel.





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